Investor Services

SVN | The Equity Group offers best-in-class property management and brokerage services, ultimately providing clients with proven ways to enhance property values, retain tenants and improve cash flow.

A mainstay in the local commercial real estate industry for over 40 years, SVN | The Equity Group has built a solid reputation on providing market-tested counsel and hands-on services to help clients with interest in retail and commercial real estate make informed decisions. Our seasoned team of in-house professionals and Advisors across the country assures representation that creates maximum value for clients. We offer our clients access to a global platform of award-winning tools, marketing platforms, resources and technology.

Services for Investors & Landlords

Our collective experience means we provide world-class expertise, strategy, and asset specific understanding across the 12 main asset classes. Together, we attract a stronger chance of success, more opportunities and an increase in the growth and the overall potential of your investment and your property portfolio.

Our Services

At SVN | The Equity Group, efficient management ensures that the cost of doing business is kept to a minimum, while service is kept at a maximum. Our team of hands-on professionals excels at strategic planning and tailors their approach to match the needs of each individual client.

Investment Sales

Are you looking to make money through the purchase or sale of real estate? Do you know what makes a particular property a better investment than the property right next door? We do! Buyers, sellers, sale-leasebacks. Office, retail, industrial, multi-family, land, development,  we have specialist for every product type. Call us today

Property Management

SVN | The Equity Group manages nearly 100 properties totaling over 10 million square feet. The company provides its clients with proven ways to enhance property values, retain tenants and improve cash flow.

Our property managers are hands-on with their clients and provide top-tier management and leasing strategies based on budget and client goals.

In addition, The Equity Group Property Managers are the proud recipients of nine TOBY awards, including The Outstanding Building of the Year. Visit our Property Management page here, or call us today 702-369-4300


SVN works with tenants, developers, owners, banks and investors across the country to help them determine highest and best use in order to maximize both NOI and valuation. Our leasing Advisors leverage state of the art technology and business intelligence platforms that go far beyond the tools of typical brokerage firms. Our leasing team can assist principals in adding value to their properties to increase velocity of lease-up and maximizing occupancy at market leading percentages.

Corporate Capital Markets

Whether your business is looking to tap into the capital markets to fuel further portfolio expansion or looking to use them to monetize existing real estate assets to power other corporate growth initiatives, SVN’s occupier and tenant practice has deep ties with debt and equity sources to help you achieve your corporate goals.

Strategic Consulting & Advisory

Commercial real estate is a complicated field, requiring deep expertise to make the best decisions. Maximizing the ROI on your company’s real estate budget means making the right calls on whether to lease or own, correctly deciding where to locate your business, negotiating the right leases or purchases in the right spaces, in the right buildings, and strategically managing each space in your portfolio throughout your tenancy. SVN’s strategic consulting and advisory practice can assist your decision-makers to optimize your portfolio of spaces across office, retail, land and industrial property types.

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