About Us

Our approach to commercial real estate is rooted in the foundation of understanding and addressing the ultimate goals of all real estate property owners – optimizing the stream of income and increasing the overall value of the property.

A mainstay in the Las Vegas commercial real estate industry for over 42 years, SVN | The Equity Group has built a solid reputation on providing market-tested counsel and hands-on services to help clients with interest in retail and commercial real estate make informed decisions. Our seasoned team of in-house professionals and Advisors across the country assures representation that creates maximum value for clients. We offer our clients access to a global platform of award-winning tools, marketing platforms, resources and technology.

 SVN | The Equity Group


Established by Scott A. Godino, the firm has paved its way in the Las Vegas market by building strong, successful relationships. Today, SVN | The Equity Group has earned recognition as one of Las Vegas’ leading commercial real estate organizations, representing more than 80 properties totaling over ten million square feet.

Providing brokerage, investment management, development, and consulting within the same company allows our clients to experience a true full-service commercial real estate company that has been active in Las Vegas for over 42 years. 

At SVN | The Equity Group, we believe that quality management enhances both the physical assets in our charge as well as the communities around them. Our property managers are hands-on with our clients, and provide top-tier management based on budget and client goals.

Respected throughout the industry for our experience and knowledge of the Las Vegas market, our company takes pride in providing its clients with proven ways to enhance property values, retain tenants and improve cash flow.

Ultimately, our primary goal is to help maintain tenant and owner relationships while managing your property as if it were our own.


Our Leadership Team

Scott A. Godino

Chief Executive Officer



Nolan Julseth-White, CCIM

Managing Director – Brokerage



SVN The Equity Group Sunshine Bono CPM CCIM director of Las vegas property management

Sunshine Bono, CPM, CCIM

Director of Property Management



Deshone Brunswick

Director of Operations



Ali Godino