From recruiting to expanding client services, the slowdown is a time to reinvest in the business and clients, says new SVN leadership in this podcast.

Market downturn pressures hit commercial brokerages hard: from reduced deals and revenue drops to job cuts. SVN International, however, views the market slowdown as a time for the opportunity to invest internally and retool for the upswing. In the latest episode of Thought Leadership podcast series, SVN International’s new leadership—CEO Xavier Mufraggi and president Tim Spillane—talk about the value of real estate advisors and how SVN is reinvesting in its business in spite of the market disruption.

In this podcast, you’ll hear:

  • The importance of an advisor in difficult times,
  • How the downturn represents an ideal time to prepare for the next upswing, and
  • What Mufraggi and Spillane’s combined experience through previous downturns has taught them.

Listen to the full podcast here.