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Award Honoring Executives Generating the Greatest Momentum Toward Positive Impact on Their Communities and the World

Boston, MA — (April 7, 2022) — Big Path Capital (“Big Path”), impact investing’s investment bank, is proud to announce the winners of this year’s MO 100 Top Impact CEO Ranking honoring the 100 most impactful leaders sparking positive environmental and social change through the fast-growing private companies they run.

SVN® President and CEO Kevin Maggiacomo has landed at the top of this year’s rankings, earning a prestigious #11 spot on the list.

The MO 100 shines a spotlight on momentum-fueled executives who are leveraging the engine of capitalism to create shared prosperity. These agents of change champion a new vision for the economic system, demonstrating that every transaction represents an opportunity to create positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

The 2022 MO 100 Ranking illustrates the changing face of the impact economy. This year’s ranking is composed of the most diverse set of winners ever; more than four out of every ten CEOs listed are either female and/or a person of color.

“These CEOs highlight the new ideal of leadership in modern capitalism,” said Shawn Lesser, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Big Path. “The most important values of our generation, such as sustainability, social justice, and racial equity, will not arise on their own. These values must be planted and nurtured by individuals, exactly as these CEOs are doing. Transformation takes root at the individual level.”

Winners will be honored at the 2022 MO 100 Awards Gala on April 19th.

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